3-B Travel made my first cruise a wonderful experience. Everything was well organized and all my pre-trip jitters were addressed. I couldn’t have been happier!
— Lynne B.
I have been on a lot of Angela’s trips and I love the security of being with a knowledgeable person who knows where she’s going and what she is doing. The convenience is fantastic of being picked up and dropped off close to home and the extra added convenience that she takes care of all the tipping and tax and other incidentals. I have been on trips where it looks like you get a cheap price and then when all the extras get thrown in you wind up paying more; but with Angela’s trips you know UP FRONT what is covered and she really does work hard to give a reasonable price. I won’t go on a group trip with anybody else!
— Lori Gonzalez, UC Spectrum All Stars
I can’t say enough good things about 3-B! My first trip was to Universal Studios in Florida for a four day adventure! We arrived very early on the first day allowing us the full day in the park! Traveling with my 2 two kids who were 20 and 16 at the time was a delight, they were pleased and that is no easy feat. So thanks to 3B! The all- inclusive accommodations made my life easy! The hotel was wonderful! Angela even seemed to get additional benefits for us- the photo op, the free meal and everything was included. We didn’t need to book any extras Angela covered them all even to the tips and gratuities.
My second adventure with 3B was to see Samson at the Sights and Sound Theater in Pennsylvania and yet again Angela and 3B was spectacular. We dined and shopped at Shady Maples. This was my first time to both places truly enjoyable events.
During my third adventure with 3B we traveled to Rhode Island for the elaborate mansion tours and ended the journey with a high tea at Hotel Viking. Again an all- inclusive trip; tax, tips and gratuities included allowed me to “de-stress” and enjoy all the splendor of the tours.
I’m looking forward to Salem in the fall, but I am not waiting until than to travel with 3B- no way. So whatever 3B is doing you can rest assured I’m there! Its fun, it’s convenient, it’s affordable, it’s safe and most importantly they cater to every need! Kudos to the whole 3B crew and thank you for doing what you’re doing and don’t stop!
— Tracey H.
Going on a trip with Angela is so relaxing! She has taken care of everything so I can just sit back and enjoy the day (...even the tips are included). Everybody is so friendly and nice, too. They make me feel special. What a treat.
— Fay