Trip Reservations:

Reservations for any of our offerings may be through the website, or by telephone or mail.  We extend our patrons the courtesy of a seven calendar day hold on reservations without payment/deposit.  If payment is not received on the eighth calendar day the reservations will be void in fairness to other patrons who may wish to make a reservation. We accept all major credit cards and personal checks.

If the reservation is made within seven days of the trip, payment must be send immediately.

Trip Cancellations:

When You Cancel

Our overall theory of cancellations is basically this – you get your money back to the extent we can get your money back.  We coordinate and subcontract several different travel sources as we endeavor to obtain the best deals for you.  Sometimes there are restrictions on getting money back for cancellations from them.  When we offer trips we are transparent with whatever restrictions there are.  Please read the offerings carefully and that will tell you when the last date is to be able to cancel and refund information for that trip.

If there is another patron on a waiting list willing to take your spot or you can find someone to take your place then we are always happy to make the changes and refund your money in its entirety.  Any cancellations made within 48-hours of the trip will not be considered for a refund as we simply were not given enough notice to adequately approach waiting list patrons.

On extended vacations or weekend trips there is cancellation insurance offered and this should always be considered.  The choice is yours, but should you not take cancellation insurance you may lose some or all of your money depending on the particular deadlines for that trip.  Again, please read the offerings carefully.

If We Cancel

Sometimes we may offer a trip that just doesn’t reach the minimum required to run the trip or it may be discontinued by the venue, or a number of other unforeseen reasons.  If for any reason we have to cancel a trip you will, of course, always receive all of your money back and that is the maximum amount allowable by 3-B Travel Coordinators, Inc. 

Bus Departures and Bus Etiquette:

We have several different pick-up sites we are currently using for bus departures depending on whether we have a one-day trip, overnight/weekend, or extended vacation.  They are all in the CENTRAL UNION COUNTY area.  Each trip will have the point of departure on the offering.

Once you board the coach and have chosen your seats, please retain them for the duration of the trip.  Being courteous and considerate is an expectation 3-B Travel Coordinators, Inc. has of all patrons in all instances. Here are a few consistent courtesies we ask:

1.     Please leave the first two rows open for the tour manager and step-on guides.

2.     Please do not save seats beyond the one seat next to you as a courtesy to your fellow passengers.  Boarding is on a first-come-first-served basis to be fair to all.

3.     Please do not maintain a loud conversation on your cell phone or with your neighbor, again, as a courtesy to your fellow passengers.

4.     The bus will depart at the scheduled times.  Please make sure you understand the time and place where you are to return to the coach before leaving it.  We have strict time constraints and if necessary we may have to leave any tardy parties and it is incumbent upon those parties to find their own way back home without compensation from 3-B Travel Coordinators, Inc.


Participation is totally at the discretion and allowance of 3-B Travel Coordinators, Inc.  3-B Travel Coordinators, Inc. reserves the right to disallow any person(s) from attending any 3-B Travel Coordinators, Inc. event.

Be it known that anyone who travels on a 3-B Travel Coordinators, Inc. trip does so at his/her own risk.  Also 3-B Travel Coordinators, Inc. is not responsible in any way for any lost items on the bus.  The participant attending constitutes agreement to above.